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Yup! We’re hunting around the Portland area, but with camera lenses! This is a family, group or individual activity! You can start and stop anytime, you can play with others at any point, or strike out on your own, or join a new group! Enter before Sept 9 for your chance to win great prizes! 

Go ahead! Open this Game through the event(s) -Portland 150 Hunt- on our Facebook Page 'Portland 150'!

Either select 'Going' or 'Interested' - then you'll be notified when a clue is released 

  • Beginning the week of June 17 - no more than one clue/week will be posted in the discussion. Only some locations will have a clue released. 
  • You may request up to 2 clues/person by identifying the photo you'd like a clue for in the Facebook event discussion, or at portland150.org/contact 
  • Only some locations are eligible for clues, if your request is not an eligible location, we won't count it as one of your clues 
  •  we ask for up to 3 business days to respond to your clue request by private message.  
  • When uploading your photos they must be in color.
  • You can only upload 10 photos at a time so be sure to fill out the form so that you get appropriate credit

   Completed Hunts must register through Portland 150 Hunt  and upload each photo shown here ‘Portland 150 Strong’ -your pics must be in color, one entry per email address.  


  • 1st name drawn wins $150 Portland Prime, Limited Edition Portland Sesquicentennial Coin ($20), Sesquicentennial Ornament ($15), Sesquicentennial Commemorative Program ($10)


  •  2nd name drawn wins $100 Portland Prime, Choice of Limited Edition Portland Sesquicentennial Coin or Ornament and Sesquicentennial Commemorative Program

  •  3rd name drawn wins $50 Portland Prime, Choice of one Coin, Ornament or Program 


Entries completed prior to July 8 receive 2 additional entries (3 total) Prior to August 5 receives one additional entry (2 total) No entries accepted after 5pm Sept 9.

Add #150strong and your favorite letter photo (without giving away the location) and we’ll give you another entry!

Winners will be drawn Friday Sept 20 at 7pm @ Scout Park. If you have completed an entry, and are present for the drawing, you will be given an additional entry. 

Honorable gamesmanship means that you will not share locations or clues with other players, which, by the way, dilutes your chances of winning 😊

Check out our other virtual game – Portland 150 Passport .

Have an awesome Portland 150 time!!

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